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Episode #90 — Le Cercle Rouge

Le Cercle Rouge podcast review

The guys watch their final film of their Jean-Pierre Melville Five where they see a return to what he does best. It’s a swirl of his previous films where criminals are going to team up to take part in a diamond heist while keeping away from the cops. It even stars Mr. Le Samourai himself, Alain Delon! But does Le Cercle Rouge suffer from being compared to the previous accomplishments?

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Episode #88 — Le Samourai

Le Samourai podcast review

Jean-Pierre Melville’s most famous film is Le Samourai, the story of a super cool assassin with the code of a samurai. Will Melville’s stylish noir sensibilities work for the guys or will it leave them as cold as the hero’s soul? Will one of the guys actually make a point or just state how cool the movie is? Find out!

I wish I can say that Austin’s dog, Wynne, apologizes for eating for a little bit on mic but she is not ashamed.

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