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Episode #183 — Frenzy / Water from an Ancient Well / I Got You / Dawson’s Creek

WE DON’T WANNA WAIT FOR THE POD TO BE OVER TO TALK ABOUT THIS SHOW AND ITS CREEK! But before we can get to that, The Immortals look into the river and find a naked dead woman in Alfred Hitchcock’s Frenzy. They listen to some “so smooth” jazz by South African artist Abdullah Ibrahim. They listen to Split Enz and think about New Zealand’s song ranking. Then we get into all of the feelings about Dawson’s Creek.

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Episode #122 — Rear Window

Let’s Take Five’s Final Ten

The guys return to one of their former subjects as they look into the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece. Instead of being a creepy dude in Vertigo, Jimmy Stewart plays a creepy dude in Rear Window. After an accident, Stewart is locked up in his apartment with a broken leg and nothing to do all day but spy on his neighbors and watch their lives. The guys dive into what makes this such an effective thriller and how Hitchcock once again succeeds by not showing the gruesome bits. Also Eric breaks down the worst shot in the movie!

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Episode #99 — North by Northwest / Young Americans / Paski Sir / Theme from Shaft / Oh, the Places You’ll Go / Farmer Wants a Wife

North By Northwest podcast review

In Alfred Hitchcock’s North by Northwest, there is a very simple message. If you don’t want to have international assassins and criminals trying to murder you in beautiful locales, don’t be a dick to your waiter. Lessons to live by. Also we have David Bowie this episode, the return of Shaft and the review of the book every graduate receives whether they want it or not.

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Episode #80 — The Birds / Bat Out Of Hell / Barramundi / Essiniya / A Christmas Carol / The Singing Detective

The Birds podcast review

When this show started 79 episodes prior it was obvious that it would eventually lead to the gang building their own spaceship. Before they can see if Pedro built something that resembles Austin’s memory of the trailer of The Astronaut Farmer, it’s time to review one of their strongest sets. It’s Leigh’s delicious bonus review, their first Hitchcock film, Meat Loaf’s opus, a fish we couldn’t find, a soothing song, an immortal classic, and a musical crazy noir medical character study. Get excited! Wait, why are so many birds perched outside?

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All My Films #003 — The 39 Steps

Film: The 39 Steps

Director: Alfred Hitchcock

Year: 1935

Format: Criterion Collection Blu-Ray

The 39 Steps Blu-Ray cover

The Film

“What are The 39 Steps?” It is the question that is shouted at the climax of the movie and is the question that is ever-present for all the scenes leading up to it. It is the question that led mild-mannered Richard Hannay to be on the run for his innocence and it is the question that is causing mysterious men to act towards murder. Is the answer to the question satisfying? Sure, but it’s really one of the first examples where Alfred Hitchcock argues that it really doesn’t matter.

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Episode #35 — Vertigo

Vertigo podcast review

Austin and Eric are back but they’re both very nervous about being this high up. Luckily Vertigo is easily cured. Right? They’ll find out as they deep dive into the acclaimed Hitchcock thriller starring Jimmy Stewart as a detective who looks into a ghost story. It’s strange, upsetting and it all feels like a dream. But did that work for both of them? They can definitely agree on Stewart’s nuanced and upsetting performance.

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Let’s Take Five Horror Films

Horror Movies review podcast

17 more days til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! Due to travel, Austin and Eric aren’t ready to start their Werner Herzog Five so they’re going to sit down and talk about an entirely new subject. The guys take on an entire genre and pick five films they think are excellent horror films for different reasons. They look at the dynamics of monster stories, creepy stories, groundbreaking stories, horrifying stories and….wait, what is that in the shadows?

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