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Episode #150 — Fast Times at Ridgemont High / AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted / Pump Up the Volume / House / The Chair

150 EPISODES!!!! It’s a landmark and also so hysterically far from the premise goal. But forget about that, because the Immortals dive into the brilliant teenage comedy Fast Times at Ridgemont High. They talk about Ice Cube’s perspective on race in the 90s. They talk about how EDM music is….EDM music. Then they dive deep into the FOX drama House and how it holds up. BUT THEN….Austin got his friends to watch this insane Starz drama that history is actively choosing to forget: The Chair. We go long but only because we have to cover every social issue affecting America today. And The Chair. Thank you all for listening to this madness!

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Episode #41 — Clueless / Beyond Skin / Shortbread / Frontier Psychiatrist / Fresh Meat

Clueless podcast review

The Immortals are back and even more clueless than usual! Because they’re reviewing Clueless. Get it? No. Fine. Also they review a really weird album, eat little dog cookies, review an even weirder song and get way too many feelings about college. Also an intern from another dimension gives us another ominous message. We’re a review show! Get excited.

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