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Episode #36 — Chariots of Fire / Rust in Peace / Habanero Chile / Camaron / Manolito Gafotas / The 4400

Chariots of Fire podcast review

The Immortals are back and just in time to celebrate the upcoming Summer Olympics by looking back at Chariots of Fire. They also get their thrash metal on, put some spice in a mango salsa, enjoy a song they can’t understand, try to avoid their traitorous best friends and lost their freakin’ minds in trying to understand The goddamn’ 4400. Get excited!

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Episode #28 — Gone With the Wind / Bookends / Green Flageolet / Lazy River / Stina / The Invaders

Gone With the Wind podcast reviwe

The Immortals return to the Civil War with their first Best Picture winner – Gone With the Wind. Will Scarlet charm them as well as she charmed Rhett or Ashley? They also learn that you should listen to the lyrics of Simon and Garfunkel, the fart capability of beans, why alien TV shows should actually be entertaining, that Bobby Darin maybe needed some puns and they never learn how to actually pronounce Stina. All this plus a shocking conclusion!

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