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Billy Wilder Wrap-Up

Billy Wilder podcast review

Austin and Eric finish up their Billy Wilder set with a look back at the films they watched and the films they didn’t watch. Does Eric still have problems with Ace in the Hole? Does Austin accurately remember the plots of Wilder’s early comedies? Find out these things as well as their next Five.

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Episode #10 — The Apartment

The Apartment podcast review

Austin and Eric are at the final film of Billy Wilder and it seems like it’s all gone by too fast. It’s best to end on a good note as The Apartment is one of the hosts’ favorite Wilder film. It’s the tragic and comedic tale of one man who keeps lending out his apartment so his bosses can have affairs. The guys discuss how well Wilder was able to capture the richness of these characters and the sad world they live in.

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Episode #9 — Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot podcast review

Austin and Eric are back on Billy Wilder’s light side with the beloved comedy Some Like It Hot. They’re joined by the great writer Andrew Rostan as they look into the very silly tale of two men pretending to be women because they accidentally witnessed the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. It’s remarkable how progressive the film is and how wall-to-wall funny it is.

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Episode #8 — Ace in the Hole

Ace in the Hole podcast review

Austin and Eric disagree for the first time on the show for Billy Wilder’s most cynical film. It’s the story of a corrupt journalist who lands in New Mexico where he blows up a small rescue story into a media circus. Is this movie a warning for today’s times or is it just unredeemable behavior on display? Regardless, it’s important to talk about when looking at Billy Wilder’s canon.

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Episode #7 — Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Blvd podcast review

Austin and Eric get lost driving down the deserted Sunset Blvd but luckily they have time to talk about another Billy Wilder classic. Here they discuss one of his most beloved films and, unlike last week, one he actually directed. They also talk about how they each discovered Wilder, the isolation created in this world and they debate the other-worldly feel of the ending.

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Episode #6 — Ninotchka

Ninotchka podcast review

Austin and Eric are back to discuss the first film in their Billy Wilder series. They begin with one of his screenwriting triumphs: Ninotchka. It’s the story of a strict socialist Russian who becomes corrupted by the joys of Paris (and capitalism). The guys discuss Wilder’s successes with the characters, their changes and the brilliant structure of this hilarious romantic comedy.

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Episode #1 — Sunset Blvd. / Led Zeppelin IV / Enokitake / Wonder Woman / Harold and the Purple Crayon / Der Freischutz

Sunset Blvd. podcast review

Welcome to our very first episode! This week we are reviewing the 225th entries of the 1001 Movies/TV Shows/Albums/Classical Recordings/Children’s Book/Food You Must Watch/Hear/Read/Eat Before You Die. Does everyone love the classic American film, Sunset Blvd.? Does one Immortal’s hate of mushroom continue towards the Enokitake? Will Pedro leave out any plot point of this German opera? Find out this week on The Immortals! Continue reading

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