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Bonus #4 — Allons a Lafayette / It’s Like That / Tomorrow Never Knows

Tomorrow Never Knows review

The Immortals return for their last catch-up bonus episode! Pedro is here to confusingly guide us through some sort of weird French song that is definitely not French, the richness of early hip-hop and Tomorrow Never Knows, one of the stranger Beatles songs ever recorded. At least that’s what Don Draper thinks. Get excited.

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Bonus #3 — Kelly Watch the Stars / Sweetness

Kelly Watch the Stars

The Immortals briefly return to catch up on two more songs! Pedro attempts to explain to everyone what happened during a ping-pong themed Kelly Watch the Stars music video with limited success. Then The Immortals return back to the world of Yes but will they embrace the Sweetness? Find out!

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Bonus #2 — I Am the Resurrection / No More Tears

No More Tears

The Immortals return for their next bonus episode whey they embrace different types of rock and roll. One is lighter and very instrumental and one has Ozzy staring into your soul. Either way, Leigh is going to find them to be too long! Find out what the rest of The Immortals thought.

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Bonus #1 — The Look of Love / U Don’t Know Me

The Look of Love

The Immortals return for their first bonus episodes as they catch up to the nine reviews they need to do for the Songs category. They start with an almost James Bond song and a sorta house music song. Does Pedro react appropriately or does he act a little creepy? Do U know him?

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