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Cate Blanchett Wrap-Up

Cate Blanchett podcast review

Once again, a Five comes to an end too soon. Austin and Eric look back at the films they covered of Cate Blanchett’s canon and they talk about a number of great films of hers that they didn’t cover. Also they slag on the Hobbit again. Because they can’t help themselves. Stay tuned to see who is the subject of their next Five which will start this Friday…

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Episode #20 — Carol

Carol podcast review

Austin and Eric are joined by playwright J.C. Pankratz to talk about the final film in their Cate Blanchett Five, Carol. This is a beautiful movie about two women in 1950 who live in a time where they can’t express their deep affection for each other. The trio talks about how the film is able to convey that through its visual palate and what Blanchett is able to do when she is playing to the rules of the time.

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Nick and Austin’s Trailer Competition

A Brief and Edited Preview

of a

Longer Upcoming Attraction


 Austin Lugar:

 A month ago I went onto good ole Twitter.com to join the masses in giving my brief and inconsequential thoughts on the Captain America: Civil War trailer. I was positive but I mentioned that I didn’t need to see any new trailers; I’m sold on that movie. And then, you Mr. Nick Rogers, tweeted back at me that started a conversation that will change the course of the rest our year. Perhaps, our entire lives. Nick, what are we doing, why are we doing this and most importantly, why are we doing this?


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