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Episode #167 — Planet of the Apes / Signing Off / Bat Out of Hell / Walker, Texas Ranger

When Don Draper saw Planet of the Apes, he stayed in the theatre with his son and watched it again. Were Austin, Pedro or Sarah compelled to do the same? Or watch one of the eight other Apes films? They also listened to some British reggae by UB40. Austin watched yet another stupid show–this time with Chuck Norris. But more importantly, Pedro has another excuse to talk about BAT OUT OF HELL!

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Episode #111 — Ben-Hur / Nighthawks at the Diner / Arzua-Ulloa / Vincent / Blackadder

Ben-Hur podcast review

Get your swords and sandals for it’s Ben-Hur week for The Immortals! Austin, Sarah and Pedro (sans Leigh) follow Charlton Heston from boat to chariot as they review this four-hour Best Picture winner. They also review the Vincent van Gogh inspired song and the time-sprawling comedy Blackadder.

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Episode #84 — Touch of Evil

Touch of Evil podcast review

Orson Welles returns to Hollywood and instead of looking like a dashing knight, he is a very gross overweight racist cop. It wasn’t how the audiences remembered him, but years later Touch of Evil remains one of his most memorable films. It is a noir film set on the Mexican border about the fallout of a bomb explosion. The guys talk about its iconic tracking shot, the fact that Charlton Heston plays a Mexican and how disgusting this world is.

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