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Episode #33 — Cria Cruevos / “Strangeways, Here We Come” / Smithfield Ham / Relax / The Brothers Lionheart / Alias

Cria Cruevos podcast review

The Immortals are back together for Sarah returned from her journey to save Adam! Just in time to discuss an abstract Spanish film dealing with grief from the eyes of a child! Whoo! They also discuss how pretentious are The Smiths, whether ham is better than turkey, how gay is the song Relax, how weird is the book The Brothers Lionheart and how dumb is Alias. Get excited!

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All My Films #002: 12 Angry Men

Film: 12 Angry Men

Director: Sidney Lumet

Year: 1957

Format: Criterion Collection Blu-Ray

12 Angry Men review

The Film

Fiction can be serve as a mirror to look back at ourselves or it can be used to make a world dramatically different than what we experience. The closer you get to reality, the more unnerving the experience can be. A fear I have is to have my fate be decided by twelve strangers. Just like we want for our President or teachers, we want the jury to be smartest set of 12 people that ever were assembled, because it’s your life on the line.

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Episode #21 — The Ice Storm / Red Dirt Girl / Madeira Cake / 21 Seconds / Johnny, My Friend / Scandal

Ice Storm podcast review

The Immortals return to battle the cold in The Ice Storm and then warming up to the sweet sounds of Emmylou Harris. Thankfully they also some pound cake that will scandalously disappear in 21 Seconds especially as a distraction from the divisive book, Johnny, My Friend. Also on the mythology side, we have quite the interesting twist with the intern and we got exclusive audio about why Leigh joined the podcast. Get excited!

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All My Films #001: 8 1/2

Film: 8 1/2

Director: Federico Fellini

Year: 1963

Format: Criterion Collection DVD

8 1/2 DVD review

The Film

Every time I see 8 1/2, I feel I’m seeing a new film. When I was a teenager I saw it bemoaning the life of a film director and an artist. A few years ago, I saw it and I kept focusing on the technical aspects. It’s a word that always seems to be in motion, stillness is only allowed through hideaway character reactions.

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Episode #20 — Closely Watched Trains / The King of Kong / Crocodiles / Arbroath Smokie / Marquee Moon / Worzel Gummidge / The Real World

Closely Watched TrainsThe King of Kong

The Immortals return from their never-explained one-week break! They review two films this week with Sarah’s bonus review taking us to the intense world of competitive video arcade players and our regular review takes us to the not-as-exciting-as-you-may-think world of train dispatching during World War II. They also make amends by finally reviewing the smoked fish, get déjà vu with the album, talk about all the facets of a ten-minute song and meet a magical scarecrow. Also Austin watched eight seasons of The Real World and has plenty to say about it! Get excited.

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Episode #12 — Bigger Than Life / Bad Company / Munster / Black Night / Jumanji / Verstehen Sie Spass?

Bigger Than Life

The Immortals return and they have never been more divisive! It’s almost as if certain Immortals took an experimental drug with Bigger Than Life and now they’re disagreeing with Austin too much. They also mix-up with some bad company, non-stinky cheese, purple depth and some German pranksters. But remember, once you start the episode you must finish it.

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Episode #11 — Ashes and Diamonds / Grievous Angel / Gruyere / Famous Blue Raincoat / Anancy Spiderman / Cheers

Ashes and Diamonds podcast review
The Immortals look for a place where everyone knows their name. Whether that is wartime Poland or a bar in Boston called Cheers. Either way, they’re going to drink. They also eat the most definitive cheese imaginable, earn their Bro statuses, uncover the mystery of a musical letter and try to figure out if “cosmic rock” is even a thing. Also Pedro gives out his first iTunes review compliment. Get excited!

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Episode #5 — Hoop Dreams / This is Hardcore / Paasiaisleipa / Arne Dahl / Who Does This Child Take After? / The Duenna

Hoop Dreams podcast review
The Immortals are back for their fifth episode as they return to watch a very cinematically different viewpoint of Chicago in Hoop Dreams. They also listen to an album with a British naked lady on the cover, an opera in English, read a book from Hungary, watch a show from Sweden and eat Finish bread that Sarah made herself! Also there are way too many tangents about Space Jam.

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Episode #3 — Paris, Texas / 3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life of Arrested Development / Panch Phoron / Help / Mortal Engines / The Miraculous Mandarin

Paris Texas podcast review

The Immortals return after traveling across the desert with nothing but a red cap and a series of mistakes like in Paris Texas. But will The Immortals think the journey was worthwhile? Will they think eating a pinch of spice is really how you’re supposed to review food? Will Adam embrace the steampunk lifestyle? And what did Pedro say he did to Stonehenge? All this and more!

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