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Episode #145 — A Nightmare on Elm Street / Haut de Gamme – Koweit, Rive Gauche / Me, Myself & I / Archangel

One, two, Pedro’s coming for you. Find out if The Immortals are more scared by A Nightmare on Elm Street or Pedro’s enthusiasm for it. They also listen to the Congolese music of Koffi Olomide and the very 90s music of De La Soul. Then they get into the international spy story starring Daniel Craig….that is no where close to as good as any James Bond movie. Also J.C. is sick and that amuses us.

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Episode #25 — Munich

Munich podcast review

Austin and Eric are here to discuss the final film on in their Steven Spielberg Five, Munich. This is the thrilling and upsetting tale of the Jewish assassins responsible for taking revenge on the people involved in the horrible killings at the Munich Olympics.┬áSpielberg’s take on this difficult material makes for one of his most intriguing movies and the guys discuss all the reasons why.

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