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Episode #108 — Malcolm X

Malcolm X podcast review

Malcolm X is a figure that is often mentioned in history but never discussed to the extent he should be in schools. Spike Lee made a great Hollywood biopic epic about him and then was ignored by the Academy. Today the guys look back at an astonishing movie with so many layers and complications about its subject. And it highlights, perhaps, the greatest performance of Denzel Washington’s career. The guys have a lot to say!

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Episode #107 — Mo’ Better Blues

Mo Better Blues podcast review

How do you follow up Do the Right Thing? Making your first of many collaborations with Denzel Washington isn’t a bad idea. Mo’ Better Blues reunites Spike Lee with a lot of the Do the Right Thing actors but puts them all in a new vibrant environment. It is the story of a selfish trumpet player trying to be the best of his profession while also juggling the girls he’s cheating on. It’s an examination on what it takes to be a great artist as well as a look at what it takes to control your own fate. Also it’s a movie with awesome music in it.

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Episode #30 — Dracula / The Koln Concert / Showcase / Idiazabal / When the Levee Breaks / Lon Po Po / St. Elsewhere

Dracula podcast review

The Immortals return for their thirtieth episode! Which means it’s Leigh’s turn to pick a bonus thing to review and it’s a good one! Also Sarah says the word “Dracula” too many times, we listen to some sweet piano riffing, we try a new cheese, we revisit a Zeppelin classic, read a new take on Little Red Riding Hood and become concerned that we all may live inside a snowglobe. Then at the end of the episode, one of the Immortals decides to go on a noble quest! Get excited!

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