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Episode #30 — Encounters at the End of the World

Encounters at the End of the World podcast review

Austin and Eric travel down to the bottom of the planet to see what kind of interesting people decided to live down there. Oh look, it’s Tim Irwin! Coming off his acclaimed tenure of the Artistic Director of Heartland Film, Tim joins the guys to talk about Encounters at the End of the World, this wandering Werner Herzog film as he finds new curiosities in Antarctica from the strange people to the gay penguins. But is there meaning to it all?

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Episode #29 — Grizzly Man

Grizzly Man podcast review

Twenty-nine episodes and Austin and Eric finally get to their first documentary. That’s completely…..actually that seems about right. And what a documentary to cover. Werner Herzog finds his perfect subject of Timothy Treadwell, a man who thought he could live among the bears until he is tragically killed. The guys discuss the different perspectives of Treadwell and how Herzog guides us through the mental arguments of a man who may have had real insight into nature but did not understand the basic elements.

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Episode #20 — Closely Watched Trains / The King of Kong / Crocodiles / Arbroath Smokie / Marquee Moon / Worzel Gummidge / The Real World

Closely Watched TrainsThe King of Kong

The Immortals return from their never-explained one-week break! They review two films this week with Sarah’s bonus review taking us to the intense world of competitive video arcade players and our regular review takes us to the not-as-exciting-as-you-may-think world of train dispatching during World War II. They also make amends by finally reviewing the smoked fish, get déjà vu with the album, talk about all the facets of a ten-minute song and meet a magical scarecrow. Also Austin watched eight seasons of The Real World and has plenty to say about it! Get excited.

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Episode #5 — Hoop Dreams / This is Hardcore / Paasiaisleipa / Arne Dahl / Who Does This Child Take After? / The Duenna

Hoop Dreams podcast review
The Immortals are back for their fifth episode as they return to watch a very cinematically different viewpoint of Chicago in Hoop Dreams. They also listen to an album with a British naked lady on the cover, an opera in English, read a book from Hungary, watch a show from Sweden and eat Finish bread that Sarah made herself! Also there are way too many tangents about Space Jam.

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Episode #2 — The White Balloon / 69 Love Songs / Amaretto di Saronno / Human Planet / Hey, Dollface / 24 Preludes and Fugues

White Balloon podcast review
The Immortals are back to discuss items from Italy to Iran! How many of the Immortals will find the main girl in the movie very annoying? Is this week’s album a mess or subtly brilliant? How unqualified are Adam and Austin to discuss a classic YA LGBT book? (Answers: A bunch, yep, and oh boy.) All this and more (with better sound quality)!

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