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Steven Spielberg Wrap-Up

Steven Spielberg podcast

Austin and Eric are joined by their friend Keith Lipke to discuss all things Spielberg. They look back at the Five they covered and examine all aspects of his career from his success with populism, his handling of difficult subjects and why Spielberg is still one of the greatest filmmakers working today. Also they discuss Schindler’s List a lot. Stay tuned to discover who will be their next Five and why Friday’s episode will be something different…

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Episode #39 — Whatever Happened to Baby Jane / Peter Gabriel / Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / The Nutcracker and Other Tales / LA Law

Whatever Happened to baby Jane podcast review

The Immortals are back and they really are questioning living together. Things have gotten…tense. In similar news, they all watched Whatever Happened to Baby Jane! They also listened to the sweet (and weird) tunes of Peter Gabriel, they don’t eat Australian fish, they learn who actually is Elton John, they go to war against rats, and Austin learns that LA Law is so freakin’ insane. Get excited!

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