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Episode #129 — The Ox-Bow Incident / Kick Out the Jams / Frisee / The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Ox-Bow Incident podcast review

Sarah loves westerns! And The Ox-Bow Incident is definitely a western. It follows Henry Fonda and his familiar faced friend as they take on a moral problem. They also listen to DNC’s own MC5, ignore some frisee and take in the delights of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Also, did Austin and Sarah actually finish Parenthood?!? Don’t look at the timestamp if you want to be surprised!

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Episode #39 — Up

Up podcast review

Oh no. It’s the beginning of Up. I know that’s where you’re supposed to start the movie, but it’s so much! Austin and Eric were able to get past it and even watched the whole film to properly review it as part of their Pixar Five. Did the emotions work for them? Was this a villain that Eric liked? Was Dug the dog great or really great? All of these answers and more!

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