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Episode #63 — Breakfast at Tiffany’s / Oxygene / Gull Egg / Always on My Mind / The Day the Babies Crawled Away / Edge of Darkness

Breakfast at Tiffanys podcast review

The Immortals are back! And Pedro recommended a really weird place to get some Breakfast. At Tiffany’s. While we wait to get some goddamn waffles at this jewelry store, Leigh put on some weird techno video game music, Sarah had us starve, Pedro won’t give any credit to our salesman/waiter(?) Elvis, Adam is zoning out just watching unattended babies while Austin is on the literal edge of darkness. Why won’t they even give us a menu?

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Episode #23 — Sons of the Desert / Electric Music for the Mind and Body / Take My Hand, Precious Lord / What Do People Do All Day? / Doctor Who (Classic)

Doctor Who podcast review

The Immortals return to argue about Laurel and Hardy. Pedro takes it to heart and travels to Chicago for this recording (and for the Sons of the Desert conference, of course.) Also they get psychedelic with Country Joe and the Fish, learn a surprising amount from a children’s book, review their first gospel song and watch Austin absolutely geek out about Doctor Who. Get excited.

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