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Episode #131 — La Strada / Roxy Music / Hey Jude / Fantasy Island

La Strada podcast review

This is a big episode because J.C. joins The Immortals! They are in for a big episode as the gang watches another Fellini film, listen to even more glam rock, and travel to Fantasy Island. Also Pedro may actually be forced to admit that The Beatles are good after listening to Hey Jude.

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Episode #119 — Nights of Cabiria / I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight / Afugea’l Pitu / In a Broken Dream / The Day of the Triffids

Nights of Cabiria podcast review

Before Fellini was known for this surreal films, he was the creator of stories that were often beautiful and sad. Nights of Cabiria is one of his finest and The Immortals are here to review this Oscar winning film. They also will listen to a full album by Richard and Linda Thompson (he was a recent review for the Song category), review some vinegar from a previous week, listen to a man named Python and fear some British plants. Get excited!

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All My Films #001: 8 1/2

Film: 8 1/2

Director: Federico Fellini

Year: 1963

Format: Criterion Collection DVD

8 1/2 DVD review

The Film

Every time I see 8 1/2, I feel I’m seeing a new film. When I was a teenager I saw it bemoaning the life of a film director and an artist. A few years ago, I saw it and I kept focusing on the technical aspects. It’s a word that always seems to be in motion, stillness is only allowed through hideaway character reactions.

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