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Episode #96 — M / Pet Sounds / Duku / Tuttie Frutti / Moomin, Mymble and Little My / Dr. Kildaire

M podcast review

Peter Lorre is often remembered as being the creepy but harmless guy in Casablanca and The Maltese Falcon. Yet years before those movies, he played a really complicated role as a murderer of children in M. And we’re going to review it! Also, one of the most beloved albums of all time, a super catchy song and a melodramatic medical drama. Get excited! Also Adam’s missing because he’s losing his mind but don’t worry about that.

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Episode #32 — Metropolis / Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music / Lucuma / La Mer / Maisy Goes to Playschool / Hancock’s Half Hour

Metropolis podcast review

The Immortals are still without Sarah! She is still on her heroic quest to Georgia while the rest of the Immortals go to the industrial land of Metropolis for their second silent venture. They also determine whether Ray Charles is deaf or blind, whether La Mer is only good because of Bobby Darin, whether Maisy learned anything useful at playschool and whether or not Tony Hancock is even funny. Get excited for this plus excruciating heat!

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