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Episode #52 — Romper Stomper / If You’re Feeling Sinister / Melton Mowbray Pork Pie / Brooklyn’s Finest / Smith / Hatufim (Prisoners of War)

Romper Stomper podcast review

Happy Thanksgiving! The Immortals return after a week off to discuss a really upsetting movie called Romper Stomper. Warning: they get political with this one. Warning: that shouldn’t be a warning. Discussion is a good thing. Which is great because we also discuss Belle & Sebastian, meat pies, Jay-Z, pickpockets and the original version of Homeland. Next week is lighter, we promise!

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Best TV Episodes of 2012

One of the reasons why I like television so much is that it feels more communal than any other form of entertainment. Usually walking out of a movie, my friends don’t like to talk about it as much but if they finished a season of a show they need someone to talk to. So once again, I have recruited my friends to talk about their favorite episodes of 2012. Below you will see a wide range of opinions and writing styles which makes it all the more fun.

Small warning, there is occasional foul language and in one circumstance a lot of foul language. Most of the time, the author is vague about what happens in the episode or season, but in cases where that is not true, a spoiler warning is attached.

At the very end of this very long article, check out what episodes occurred the most Top 10 lists as I formulated the results of everyone’s picks.


“The Man From Jupiter” (Season Three, Episode 4)


By Ryan Lugar

Burt and Ernie. Buzz and Woody. Cheech and Chong. These are some of the most dynamic duos over the course of history, but they all fall second to one last duo. A duo that can do no wrong, in all the wrong ways. I am of course referring to Sterling Archer and Burt Reynolds. The combination of Archer’s black turtleneck and Burt Reynolds’ amazing moustache cannot fail.

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