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Pixar Wrap-Up

Pixar podcast review

Ah, this was a nice Five. We had loyal toys, super parents, lovable robots, adventurous old men and perhaps the elements that make up our very souls. And it was so colorful! Austin and Eric look back at their past five weeks with Pixar and they go through every single other film in the Pixar library they didn’t cover. So much Cars talk! Also, stay tuned for their pick for their next exciting Five.

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Episode #40 — Inside Out

Inside Out podcast review

To say that Austin and Eric have feelings about this movie is less of an attempt to be clever and more of a description of how we experience all of these films. Inside Out is an exploration into the mind of a young girl and the feelings that are working hard to give her the greatest life possible. While everybody has Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger and Disgust within them at all times, what emotion was the leading the charge for Austin and Eric on this film? Find out here! (Just please don’t mention Bing-Bong.)

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