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Episode #76 — Blade Runner / I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got / Fresh Green Peppercorn / Just Like Heaven / Clockwork / LOST

Blade Runner podcast review

No more time for silliness! The Immortals have some important reviews on their docket including the beloved sci-fi classic Blade Runner and the beloved sci-fi classic LOST. Also an early album by Sinead O’Connor, absent food, a poppy song by The Cure and an underread story by Philip Pullman. But the biggest question of all is…will anybody get Austin a chair?

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Episode #33 — Cria Cruevos / “Strangeways, Here We Come” / Smithfield Ham / Relax / The Brothers Lionheart / Alias

Cria Cruevos podcast review

The Immortals are back together for Sarah returned from her journey to save Adam! Just in time to discuss an abstract Spanish film dealing with grief from the eyes of a child! Whoo! They also discuss how pretentious are The Smiths, whether ham is better than turkey, how gay is the song Relax, how weird is the book The Brothers Lionheart and how dumb is Alias. Get excited!

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