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Episode #34 — Harvey

Harvey podcast review

Austin and Eric are joined this week by their good friend Harvey, a tall invisible rabbit who enjoys a drink as much as they do. Unfortunately Harvey isn’t much of a talker so it’s up to the guys to discuss the fourth entry in their Jimmy Stewart Five. This is a charming movie with a sophisticated performance by Stewart that makes the entire film grander.

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Episode #33 — Winchester ’73

Winchester '73 podcast review

After so many episodes, it’s shocking that Austin and Eric haven’t covered a western. And what a one to start with. Winchester ’73 is a dark film that follows a rifle as it is passed and stolen all while Jimmy Stewart tries to track it down and settle his revenge. It’s such an interesting movie, they couldn’t do it alone so they brought in acclaimed western writer Johnny D. Boggs to discuss what makes an Anthony Mann western unique and what Jimmy Stewart is like post-World War II.

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Episode #32 — It’s a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life podcast review

It’s our first December¬†episode which means it’s already the Christmas season. Austin and Eric are ready to discuss perhaps the greatest holiday movie and one of Eric’s all time favorite films. It’s a Wonderful Life shows Jimmy Stewart in his most relatable and his most devestating as he shows in great detail what it looks like when a man fails to live up to his dreams.

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Episode #31 — The Philadelphia Story

The Philadelphia Story podcast review

Welcome to our next Five as Austin and Eric are going to spend the next five weeks talking about the great actor Jimmy Stewart. First up is his Oscar winning performance in The Philadelphia Story. They discuss his excellent depicition of being drunk, how he acts when other people are speaking and just how good this movie is. Get excited!

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