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Episode #122 — Rear Window

Let’s Take Five’s Final Ten

The guys return to one of their former subjects as they look into the Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece. Instead of being a creepy dude in Vertigo, Jimmy Stewart plays a creepy dude in Rear Window. After an accident, Stewart is locked up in his apartment with a broken leg and nothing to do all day but spy on his neighbors and watch their lives. The guys dive into what makes this such an effective thriller and how Hitchcock once again succeeds by not showing the gruesome bits. Also Eric breaks down the worst shot in the movie!

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Episode #115 — The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

Man Who Shot Liberty Valance podcast review

In the end of his career, John Ford made one more powerhouse movie by teaming up two of the greatest actors of the generation. Neither John Wayne or Jimmy Stewart play Liberty Valance, but maybe one of them was the man who shot him. The guys dive into what Ford is saying about his western legacy, the end of an era and the myth of morality. But it wouldn’t be a successful take on a team-up if they didn’t have a team-up of their own. Enter…Eric’s dad, Ray Martindale!

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Jimmy Stewart Wrap-Up

Jimmy Stewart podcast

Who doesn’t love Jimmy Stewart? Austin and Eric look back at what they’ve seen and all the films they easily could have covered. Stewart is such a charming actor who always pushed himself to a new exciting performance. So many of his films have become immortal classics thanks a lot to what he put into the film. What Five could possibly top this one? What one person could top Jimmy Stewart? Maybe they’ll need more than one…

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Episode #35 — Vertigo

Vertigo podcast review

Austin and Eric are back but they’re both very nervous about being this high up. Luckily Vertigo is easily cured. Right? They’ll find out as they deep dive into the acclaimed Hitchcock thriller starring Jimmy Stewart as a detective who looks into a ghost story. It’s strange, upsetting and it all feels like a dream. But did that work for both of them? They can definitely agree on Stewart’s nuanced and upsetting performance.

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Episode #34 — Harvey

Harvey podcast review

Austin and Eric are joined this week by their good friend Harvey, a tall invisible rabbit who enjoys a drink as much as they do. Unfortunately Harvey isn’t much of a talker so it’s up to the guys to discuss the fourth entry in their Jimmy Stewart Five. This is a charming movie with a sophisticated performance by Stewart that makes the entire film grander.

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Episode #33 — Winchester ’73

Winchester '73 podcast review

After so many episodes, it’s shocking that Austin and Eric haven’t covered a western. And what a one to start with. Winchester ’73 is a dark film that follows a rifle as it is passed and stolen all while Jimmy Stewart tries to track it down and settle his revenge. It’s such an interesting movie, they couldn’t do it alone so they brought in acclaimed western writer Johnny D. Boggs to discuss what makes an Anthony Mann western unique and what Jimmy Stewart is like post-World War II.

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Episode #32 — It’s a Wonderful Life

It's a Wonderful Life podcast review

It’s our first December¬†episode which means it’s already the Christmas season. Austin and Eric are ready to discuss perhaps the greatest holiday movie and one of Eric’s all time favorite films. It’s a Wonderful Life shows Jimmy Stewart in his most relatable and his most devestating as he shows in great detail what it looks like when a man fails to live up to his dreams.

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