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Episode #48 — Down By Law / In Utero / Mochi Gome Su / Balada conducatorolui / Captain Fracasse / Friday Night Lights

Down By Law podcast review

The Immortals are back and they’re immediately sent to prison. Just kidding that’s the guys from Down By Law. Our heroes just are getting closer to their ominous countdown. As they continue to ignore red flags, listen to them discuss Nirvana, sticky rice, Indian music, French novels and a really great TV show that’s about football but not about football but also the football is really good. Get excited!

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Episode #20 — Carol

Carol podcast review

Austin and Eric are joined by playwright J.C. Pankratz to talk about the final film in their Cate Blanchett Five, Carol. This is a beautiful movie about two women in 1950 who live in a time where they can’t express their deep affection for each other. The trio talks about how the film is able to convey that through its visual palate and what Blanchett is able to do when she is playing to the rules of the time.

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