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Jean-Pierre Melville Wrap-Up

Jean-Pierre Melville podcast

Five films later and now Eric and Austin are walking around Chicago with trenchcoats and fedoras and unexpectedly…it looks cool. That is due 100,000% to the works of Jean-Pierre Melville. The guys look back at the films they discussed, why certain ones had more of a connection to each of them and then they announce their next daring Five. Get excited!

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Episode #87 — Leon Morin, Priest

Leon Morin Priest podcast review

Last week, the guys saw Jean-Pierre Melville tells a tale of immorality, heists and betrayal. This week, it’s a a story about faith, comfort and God. A woman goes into a church ready to display her frustration by mocking a priest for his hypocrisy. Instead what begins is a series of conversations and debates with the titular Leon Morin, Priest about what it means to be Catholic and to have faith in an impossible time. The guys discuss how Melville makes these moments cinematically gripping and how rare it is to see a positive look at the church in cinema.

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