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BONUS: Let’s Take Five Lists

Jaws Let's Take Five list

After 100 (official) episodes, Eric and Austin look back at all of the movies they’re reviewed and talked about some of the best ones. They look at some surprises, some of their controversial opinions and which were the stinkers. They ranked all of the movies and the full lists can be found at The Art Immortal. Thank you all for listening for the past few years! Our next Five starts this week with Errol Morris.

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Let’s Take Five Horror Films

Horror Movies review podcast

17 more days til Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! Due to travel, Austin and Eric aren’t ready to start their Werner Herzog Five so they’re going to sit down and talk about an entirely new subject. The guys take on an entire genre and pick five films they think are excellent horror films for different reasons. They look at the dynamics of monster stories, creepy stories, groundbreaking stories, horrifying stories and….wait, what is that in the shadows?

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Episode #25 — Munich

Munich podcast review

Austin and Eric are here to discuss the final film on in their Steven Spielberg Five, Munich. This is the thrilling and upsetting tale of the Jewish assassins responsible for taking revenge on the people involved in the horrible killings at the Munich Olympics. Spielberg’s take on this difficult material makes for one of his most intriguing movies and the guys discuss all the reasons why.

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Episode #21 — Jaws

Jaws podcast review

We’re going to need a bigger and more original lead-in to our Jaws review. Austin and Eric are starting their Steven Spielberg Five with one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. How does the film that change Hollywood look so many decades later? The guys look into Spielberg’s early directorial intentions and how he made a movie about a giant shark is really about three mortal men.

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Cate Blanchett Wrap-Up

Cate Blanchett podcast review

Once again, a Five comes to an end too soon. Austin and Eric look back at the films they covered of Cate Blanchett’s canon and they talk about a number of great films of hers that they didn’t cover. Also they slag on the Hobbit again. Because they can’t help themselves. Stay tuned to see who is the subject of their next Five which will start this Friday…

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Episode #20 — Carol

Carol podcast review

Austin and Eric are joined by playwright J.C. Pankratz to talk about the final film in their Cate Blanchett Five, Carol. This is a beautiful movie about two women in 1950 who live in a time where they can’t express their deep affection for each other. The trio talks about how the film is able to convey that through its visual palate and what Blanchett is able to do when she is playing to the rules of the time.

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Episode #18 — The Aviator

The Aviator podcast review

Austin and Eric are looking to the skies at they watch Katharine Hepburn and Howard Hughes fly together in The Aviator. This is the first time Cate Blanchett won the Oscar and she did so by playing one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood history. They talk about how essential this performance is to this movie and what it looks like when Hepburn breaks her persona.

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Episode #17 — The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the Ring podcast review

Austin and Eric are back to discuss a film they’ve both seen a million times. So it was only right to bring in someone who has seen it even more than them: Sarah Staudt from The Immortals! Together they look at Cate Blanchett who plays Galadriel for only a few minutes but is one of the few who steal the show. They look at how she embraced Tolkien’s writing and showed a level of regal authority that is much different than Elizabeth.

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