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Super Wrap-Up

Super Wrap-Up podcast review

They’ve leapt tall buildings with a single bound and walked through the wastelands with blades between their fingers. This Five is definitely special. It’s been five weeks and the guys are ready to look back at their Super Five. To help gets a greater grasp on these superhero eras of cinema, they are joined by their comic-book aficionados friends Alex Dunning and David Jessee. At the end, they will announce their next Five.

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Episode #54 — Captain America: Civil War

Captain America Civil War podcast review

After three weeks of superheroes vs. super villains, it’s time to switch it up with superheroes vs. superheroes. Captain America: Civil War isn’t just a chance for your favorite heroes to punch each other, it’s the culmination of a lot of stories that has occurred over an unprecedented number of films. Does it work? What does this “Marvel Cinematic Universe” look like in the scheme of cinema history? Also did this movie finally make Ant-Man tolerable? Find out!

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Episode #34 — Downfall / Destroy Rock & Roll / Salt Caramel / Best of You / Stony Heart Country / Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Downfall podcast review

The Immortals celebrated their Independence Day weekend by watching a film about Nazis! Perfect timing! In addition to the acclaimed Downfall, they also are very surprised by Mylo, debate how to pronounce “caramel”, proclaim their love for the Foo Fighters, get angsty in Australia, and question whether S.H.I.E.L.D is good at their job. Get excited!

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