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Episode #101 — Grease / The Real Thing / Chives / Voices Carry / Top Gear

Grease podcast review

OH MY GOD WE’RE BACK AGAIN! After surviving Leigh crashing their space ship, the four Immortals are hiding on [REDACTED] and back to reviewing so many very random pieces of pop culture. And there’s no better movie about coming back from break and realizing everything is bonkers and this plot doesn’t make any sense than Grease! Also we have a band who is apparently not the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we confirm chives are weird, we know what not to do at the opera in a music video and we talk about a car show but never really talk about cars. Get excited!

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Episode #80 — Xanadu

Xanadu podcast review

This Five has taken us from Best Picture to Razzie loser as we enter the magical world of Xanadu. It’s the typical story of a man influenced by a magical woman who may have awoken from a wall because he tore up a drawing. Along with their special guest Erin Oechsel, they determine what effectively creates a musical world and does the bad acting of the lead actually make Gene Kelly’s older performances better?

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