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Episode #129 — The Ox-Bow Incident / Kick Out the Jams / Frisee / The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Ox-Bow Incident podcast review

Sarah loves westerns! And The Ox-Bow Incident is definitely a western. It follows Henry Fonda and his familiar faced friend as they take on a moral problem. They also listen to DNC’s own MC5, ignore some frisee and take in the delights of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Also, did Austin and Sarah actually finish Parenthood?!? Don’t look at the timestamp if you want to be surprised!

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Episode #24 — The Exiles / Zombie / Goose Egg / Taj Mahal / I Hate School

Exiles movie review

The Immortals return to spend some time with Native Americans enjoying an LA evening in The Exiles. They also listen to an African political album called Zombie. They also debate whether something is elevator music or just the origin of a terribly catchy song. A discussion of a picture book reveals which of The Immortals really hated school, and discover that maybe Austin should have had more school since it seems that he knows almost nothing about birds. Finally, a check-in on this season of The Real World which may be the worst one Austin has seen! And that’s saying something!

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Best TV Episodes of 2015

Every year I love to ask my friends to write about the TV episodes that really stuck with them and every year it’s an absolute delight to read what they have to say. This is the fifth year doing this and I think these just keep getting better. Below are 33 essays about different 2015 episodes. You also can read their Top 10 lists and then at the very bottom of the hysterically long article, you can see what is the collected Top 10 list based on the 31 submitted lists. Please leave a comment so you can say what you liked this year as well! But first let’s start off by getting a little weird…

Ash vs. the Evil Dead – “El Jefe”

(Season One, Episode 1)

Ash vs Evil Dead

By Ray Martindale

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Episode #14 — Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould / New Forms / Kavring / 4, 3, 2, 1 / Julie of the Wolves / Parenthood

Glenn Could podcast review

The Immortals return to review one film that is actually 32 films but is actually one film! That is way easier to follow than anything Pedro tries to say about LL Cool J’s rap feuds and the world of drum and beat. They also try a rye bread that may secretly be chocolate cake, which still isn’t as sweet as the lives of the Bravermans. Also Adam and Austin discover a YA book they really should have read by now. Get excited!

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