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Episode #93 — Witness

Witness podcast review

Harrison Ford is known as a box office star, but it is only Witness where he was acknowledged by the Oscars. In this he plays John Book (seriously) a cop who decides to protect a young Amish boy after he is witness to a violent murder. It’s a quieter movie in terms of performances and a unique stillness. Did this genre shift work for the guys or did they want to get out of Amish country?

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#2 — Legally, You Can Only Be So Traumatized (The Truman Show)

The Truman Show podcast

The pop culture legal team returns to discuss the 1998 Jim Carrey drama, The Truman Show. In this movie, a man lives his entire life unaware that he is on an elaborate reality show documenting his every move. Sarah, Meredith and their special guest John question such things as “Can a corporation adoptĀ a baby?” or “How much can Truman sue for them killing his fictional father in front of him?” The answers may surprise you!

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