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Campaign Podcast is the Best Star Wars Creation Since The Empire Strikes Back


Campaign podcast review

Yes, of course the title is clickbait but it’s clickbait with a good purpose. That said, I do believe in the title. I liked The Force Awakens, I was rather impressed by the Clone Wars TV Show and there have been some fun video games. But none of them have captured joy, cleverness and emotional weight that the Campaign podcast has brought to the world.

Campaign is a story that has gone on for 76 main episodes. It uses the mechanics of the role playing game Edge of the Empire. I remain rather new when it comes to RPGs, but from what I’ve seen from the little I’ve played and what I’ve observed through Campaign—it’s a system that is run on imagination and empathy.

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#1 — The Spiders Can’t Have Tasers (Minority Report)

Minority Report spiders podcast

Real bone fide lawyers Meredith, Sarah and Charlie discuss Minority Report, Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise’s 2002 assault on the very concept of the 4th Amendment. We pose questions such as: If creepy eye-scanning spiders can come into your home, can they tase you if you don’t comply? What would Antonin Scalia think of mutant humans who can see the future? If prisoners are submerged in a lifetime of dreamless sleep, how do they exercise their habeas rights? Is the best way to avoid jurisdictional issues just to deputize the DC Metro police to arrest murderers? Hear all this and more on our very first episode!

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Ad Absurdum

Ad Absurdum podcast

Every month Ad Absurdum has a group of real bona fide lawyers look into the fictional worlds of entertainment and try to access how the law works in those tales. It’s informative and silly, much like the law itself.
New episodes will come out on the 3rd day of every month in tribute to our most useless amendment.
If you have any questions for the lawyers or have topics you want them to cover, leave a comment.

Episode #25 — Munich

Munich podcast review

Austin and Eric are here to discuss the final film on in their Steven Spielberg Five, Munich. This is the thrilling and upsetting tale of the Jewish assassins responsible for taking revenge on the people involved in the horrible killings at the Munich Olympics. Spielberg’s take on this difficult material makes for one of his most intriguing movies and the guys discuss all the reasons why.

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Episode #45 — Faces / Heartattack and Vine / Razor Clams / Blank Generation / Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats / The X-Files

Faces podcast review

The Immortals are on to something. Nope, still not the ominous messages from Intern, not the government conspiracy to cover up aliens, and not even Sarah’s thing about people stopping her from eating the food. It’s that the people in Faces may not be having a good time. It’s worth looking into. They discuss this plus Tom Wait’s voice, the voice of Richard Hell, we’ll listen to the voice of T.S. Eliot and…the truth that is out there. Get excited.

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Episode #21 — Jaws

Jaws podcast review

We’re going to need a bigger and more original lead-in to our Jaws review. Austin and Eric are starting their Steven Spielberg Five with one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. How does the film that change Hollywood look so many decades later? The guys look into Spielberg’s early directorial intentions and how he made a movie about a giant shark is really about three mortal men.

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Episode # 43 — The King of Comedy / Blue Lines / Cubeb Pepper / Ale Brider / Because of Winn-Dixie / Outrageous Fortune

The King of Comedy podcast review

The Immortals are all back in their proper homes so they’re all ready to watch the Jerry Langford Show. They heard The King of Comedy is making an appearance tonight. While they wait for that to start, they’re going to listen to some Massive Attack, spice up some rice, turn on some traditional music, freak out about how cute this dog is and get wrapped up in New Zealand. Just another day for The Immortals.

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Cate Blanchett Wrap-Up

Cate Blanchett podcast review

Once again, a Five comes to an end too soon. Austin and Eric look back at the films they covered of Cate Blanchett’s canon and they talk about a number of great films of hers that they didn’t cover. Also they slag on the Hobbit again. Because they can’t help themselves. Stay tuned to see who is the subject of their next Five which will start this Friday…

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Episode #20 — Carol

Carol podcast review

Austin and Eric are joined by playwright J.C. Pankratz to talk about the final film in their Cate Blanchett Five, Carol. This is a beautiful movie about two women in 1950 who live in a time where they can’t express their deep affection for each other. The trio talks about how the film is able to convey that through its visual palate and what Blanchett is able to do when she is playing to the rules of the time.

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