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Episode #138 — The Lady Eve / Johnny Cash at San Quentin / On Broadway / Civilisation

At any given moment, one of the Immortals are pulling a long con on the other one. (For example, Austin tricked them to do a 20 year podcast.) So everyone related really well to the Preston Sturges comedy, The Lady Eve. They also listened to Johnny Cash recording an album in prison, The Drifters walking down a street and one British man’s take on all of civilization. I’m sure that won’t go horribly wrong. Plus more True Crime Gays and finding out what’s on Pedro’s Chrome tabs! Get excited!

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Episode #51 — Sullivan’s Travels / In a Silent Way / Spaghetti Squash / Sally Go ‘Round the Roses / The Magic Pocket / The Brady Bunch

Sullivan's Travels podcast review
Yes, we’re still going STRONG! Well, maybe not strong, more of a timid shuffle. Bethany’s comments last week may have scared the pants off of us, and she may be doing something crazy with the old gods, and we may be powering her villainous scheme, but hey. Come on. Come on. What are we supposed to do? We like watching movies and stuff. Get off our backs and listen! Please. Sorry for yelling.

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