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Episode #120 — The Haunting / Duck Stab; Buster and Glen / Turbot / Jive Talkin’ / Home and Away

The Haunting podcast review

The last time Pedro had a bonus pick they revisited the 90s cartoon show Hey Arnold. This time he goes for a French comedy about infidelity and cruelty. He has multitudes! They review The Dinner Game as well as the horror film The Haunting. They also listen to The Residents and The Bee Gees while waiting for the next episode of the Australian soap opera, Home and Away. Get excited!

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Episode #84 — The Day the Earth Stood Still / John Prine / Bella De Cerignola Olive / Suzanne / The Three Robbers / Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

The Day the Earth Stood Still podcast review

The boys are back in town! Except this isn’t Entourage. And only 3/5th the cast are male. And they’re in a spaceship far away from town. Whatever, the gang are back to review a classic Hollywood sci-fi film,┬álisten to the smooth sounds of John Prine (Prine or Prine?), learn some major secrets about olives, find out if Cohen can repeat his magic, debate another goddamn picture book and then Austin rambles about a wacky show you haven’t seen. IT’S WHAT WE DO AND WE DO IT WELL.

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