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Richard Linklater Wrap-Up

Richard Linklater podcast review

Eric went into this Five not sure what was going to happen and found himself going through a whole roller coaster of emotions. Austin and Eric go through the films they watched and discussed more of Richard Linklater’s fine work. Most importantly, since recording the Before Sunrise episode Eric has ignored Austin’s advice and quickly watched the rest of the set. So there are some spoilers on their mini-discussion of Before Sunset and Before Midnight. Also, enough of this quiet talking–it’s time for a radical new Five!

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Episode #49 — School of Rock

School of Rock podcast review

Recess is in session! Two and two make Five! In perhaps their weirdest pick, Austin and Eric are here to discuss Richard Linklater’s School of Rock. Is this film worthy of a half hour discussion? It actually is! As Richard Linklater went to the studios, he still brought his flair for passion, affection and character to a movie about imposter teacher. Also it’s really charming.

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