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Andrei Tarkovsky Wrap-Up

Andrei Tarkovsky podcast

Five weeks later and it feels like we have circled the universe of cinema. We’re saying that we’re fans of Andrei Tarkovksy! The guys look back on the five they watched and tried to sum up such a visual master of a filmmaker. Also they announce their next Five which may not start this week…

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Episode #73 — Solaris

Solaris podcast review

The one you loved died. And then they come back not exactly as they once were. Is this a ghost story or a miracle? This is the dilemma at the heart of Solaris. The guys dive into the science fiction masterpiece about what is discovered above a mysterious planet. Andrei Tarkovsky’s style blends brilliantly with this new genre as he dives into his themes of identity, connection and higher power with ground-breaking beauty.

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