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BONUS: Let’s Take Five Lists

Jaws Let's Take Five list

After 100 (official) episodes, Eric and Austin look back at all of the movies they’re reviewed and talked about some of the best ones. They look at some surprises, some of their controversial opinions and which were the stinkers. They ranked all of the movies and the full lists can be found at The Art Immortal. Thank you all for listening for the past few years! Our next Five starts this week with Errol Morris.

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Episode #117 — 2001: A Space Odyssey / Penthouse and Pavement / Bay Scallop / Milk and Alcohol / NYPD Blue

2001 podcast review

At the dawn of man, there was a monolith. Today there is a podcast. Only one of these will greatly seen humanity into the future. Better listen to see if it’s this one! The Immortals review the Stanley Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey. They also listen to some Heaven 17, eat some fish, see if they believe that Dr. Feelgood as a medical degree and dive into a classic police TV drama. Get excited!

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Let’s Take Five More Horror Films

The Shining podcast review

‘Tis the season where Austin and Eric are looking to watch and rewatch horror films. Like they did last year, they’re taking a bonus episode to highlight some of their favorites. These are fun popular films that are some of the best to watch this month, a few of which almost were on a previous Five set. Sit back, relax and ignore the pack of wolves who have been starring at you in the dark for the past five minutes.

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Episode #45 — A Clockwork Orange

A Clockwork Orange podcast review

It’s a story of rape, murder, brainwashing, made up language and classical music. It can only be A Clockwork Orange. Austin and Eric brought in their friend Beau Thompson to talk about why this film has such a classic status. The trio look at what acts the satire works the best and what the film is saying about reformation in the prison system.

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BONUS: Senator Richard Lugar Interview

Senator Richard Lugar podcast interview

This week Austin and Eric discussed Dr. Strangelove, perhaps the movie everybody thinks about when they think of nuclear war. While Stanley Kubrick used the fear of nuclear consequences for dark comedy, it still made the guys think about the reality of the nuclear weapons in the real world. What exactly is our relationship between the US and Russia when it comes to these weapons?

So we sat down with one of the world’s leading experts on the topic. Richard Lugar is a six-term US Senator who has spent almost all of his career working on nuclear disarmament. In this interview, Austin talked with Senator Lugar and heard about the incredible stories about how he got involved in this important issue, what his trips were like to Russia and what we should be worried about looking forward. It’s truly a fantastic way to go beyond the movie.

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Episode #43 — Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove podcast review

After two movies devoid of any chuckles, the next film in our Stanley Kubrick Five is considered one of the greatest comedies of all time. Why does a movie about a nuclear doomsday hit the funny bone so well? Austin and Eric look into how Kubrick worked with his actors and how he staged such an intensely dramatic comedy. Also they announce a very special bonus episode that will come out tomorrow in relation to this film…

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Episode #41 — The Killing

The Killing podcast review

Another day, another Five. Another Five, another dollar. Another dollar, another race. Another race, another con. That’s right, Austin and Eric are starting off their Stanley Kubrick Five with the noir film The Killing. Does this early film of the master director show the greatness that will come? Or will it be outshadowed by other elements in the film? Only way to find out is to listen to the episode.

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