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Episode #87 — Papillon / Hounds of Love / Foie Gras de Canard / Edge of Seventeen / Chitty Chitty Bang Bang / Who Wants To Be a Millionaire (UK)

Papillon movie review

The Immortals are all reunited and set to talk about the isolationist prison story, Papillon! After that they’ll sit back and try to fully get what’s going on in this Kate Bush album, starve, be overwhelmed by being on the Edge of Seventeen, talk a lot about a Dick Van Dyke film they’re not even reviewing and then question why we’re reviewing a game show for 100, Chris. GET EXCITED!
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Episode #44 — The Towering Inferno / Slippery When Wet / Finocchiona Salami / Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? / The Mouse and His Child / Gimme Gimme Gimme

The Towering Inferno podcast review

The Immortals are back and they’re in incredible danger! Now because of the ominous warnings from the Intern; why focus on that? It’s because the tallest building in the world is now on fire! In other news, The Immortals are reviewing The Towering Inferno. Also they rock out to Bon Jovi, eat some salami, ponder whether we really want to hurt Pedro, learn about the saga of wind-up toys and get really really mad at a TV show. Get excited!

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