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Let’s Take Five More Horror Films

The Shining podcast review

‘Tis the season where Austin and Eric are looking to watch and rewatch horror films. Like they did last year, they’re taking a bonus episode to highlight some of their favorites. These are fun popular films that are some of the best to watch this month, a few of which almost were on a previous Five set. Sit back, relax and ignore the pack of wolves who have been starring at you in the dark for the past five minutes.

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Steven Spielberg Wrap-Up

Steven Spielberg podcast

Austin and Eric are joined by their friend Keith Lipke to discuss all things Spielberg. They look back at the Five they covered and examine all aspects of his career from his success with populism, his handling of difficult subjects and why Spielberg is still one of the greatest filmmakers working today. Also they discuss Schindler’s List a lot. Stay tuned to discover who will be their next Five and why Friday’s episode will be something different…

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Episode #24 — Minority Report

Minority Report podcast review

In the future, you will listen to this episode of Let’s Take Five. You will listen to Austin and Eric discuss the dark science-fiction thriller Minority Report. You will either agree with Eric, Austin, both of them or neither of them. One thing is certain. You will hear them discuss Steven Spielberg’s darker film and how he handles the tone, the technology and Tom Cruise.

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Episode #23 — Schindler’s List

Schindler's List podcast review

This week Austin and Eric are discussing Schindler’s List. This is the episode you’re going to listen to. When Austin isn’t rambling about the nature of man, the guys are able to recognize this as Spielberg’s best film and also nothing like any of his previous films. The way he is able to break his own tendencies and structures to make this masterpiece needs more time than we have today. But we try our best!

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Episode #22 — Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade podcast review

Austin and Eric are preparing to review Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. All they have left to do is to complete three tests, solve a riddle and defeat the Nazis. Then they will be ready to discuss one of the most popular franchises in modern cinema and how Steven Spielberg’s work rises this from a forgettable popcorn thriller to something with rich cinematic excellence.

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Episode #21 — Jaws

Jaws podcast review

We’re going to need a bigger and more original lead-in to our Jaws review. Austin and Eric are starting their Steven Spielberg Five with one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. How does the film that change Hollywood look so many decades later? The guys look into Spielberg’s early directorial intentions and how he made a movie about a giant shark is really about three mortal men.

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Episode #40 — Cries and Whispers / Private Dancer / Mississippi Alligator / Love Will Tear Us Apart / The Incredible Journey / Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Cries and Whispers podcast review

The Immortals have hit 40 episodes and they’re equally as shocked! It’s Pedro’s time for a bonus episode which mean there will be an extra amount of gleeful energy. That will be needed because they’re reviewing the very depressing Cries and Whispers. Also they listen to Tina Turner, eat a gosh darned alligator, get torn apart by love, remember the Homeward Bound movie and discuss a whole lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Get excited!

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Episode #37 — Jurassic Park / Either/Or / Bammy / Simarik / This is England ’86

Jurassic Park podcast review

The Immortals are back and they’ve been invited to go to a biological preserve, but will all of them believe the feather-less dinosaurs? In addition to Jurassic Park, the gang will also listen to the sweet sounds of Elliot Smith, eat Jamaican bread, listen to a Turkish hit, not read a book and revisit a lovable group of British punks. But will we actually understand what Pedro is talking about? Find out!

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