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Episode #77 — Unforgiven / Vanishing Point / San Francisco Sourdough / Devil’s Haircut / The Cay / Borgen

Unforgiven podcast review

Having found their way into the Old Gods’ library, The Immortals unpack their understanding of Unforgiven, verify the value of Vanishing Point, savor the sponge of Sourdough, dissect the dalliance of Devil’s Haircut, consider color in The Cay, and break into Belgian politics in Borgen. OK, Borgen is about Danish politics, but alliterations are hard…and so is The Immortals’ next plan to escape the Old Gods’ realm!

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Episode #76 — Blade Runner / I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got / Fresh Green Peppercorn / Just Like Heaven / Clockwork / LOST

Blade Runner podcast review

No more time for silliness! The Immortals have some important reviews on their docket including the beloved sci-fi classic Blade Runner and the beloved sci-fi classic LOST. Also an early album by Sinead O’Connor, absent food, a poppy song by The Cure and an underread story by Philip Pullman. But the biggest question of all is…will anybody get Austin a chair?

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Episode #19 — Le Boucher / Pornography / Imperial Peking Duck / Runnin’ with the Devil / Amazon Adventure / Friends

Le Boucher podcast review

The Immortals return with a lot of positive reactions this week. One of the most popular sitcoms of all time, Friends, is reviewed in the same episode as a fancy duck, Van Halen, a trip down the Amazon, porn (sorta) and a movie that Austin hasn’t seen! Also, the gang decides to name each day of the week for alcohol and the new intern continues to cause a lot of problems.

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