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Best TV Episodes of 2016

Stranger Things best of

Six years! I’ve been doing this silly article for six years! (I take 11 month breaks in-between articles so it’s not that impressive.) It remains one of my favorite things to do because every time I get a new article in my inbox I am surprised and entertained by all the different things that my friends have picked up on. Also—as seen by the other article this week—I see a ton of TV, but every year people bring up shows that I don’t watch that now I suddenly want to. So enjoy and find something great to watch!

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Episode #18 — Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! / Live at the Witch Trials / (I’m) Stranded / The Secret Garden / One Foot in the Grave

Podcast Review

The Immortals return to race against some hypersexual go-go dancers! Who will survive and who will think this is even a good idea. They also compare a punk album to Lawrence of Arabia and Spaced, somehow. One Immortal almost starts crying thinking about The Secret Garden and one Immortal straight up did cry watching the TV show. Also a song! But no food. Sadness. Get excited!

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