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Charlie Chaplin Wrap-Up

Charlie Chaplin Wrap-Up podcast review

It’s as if we never said goodbye. But we did. Charlie Chaplin provided one of our most fascinating Fives to date thanks to his innovative craft and creativity. The guys look back at the movies they covered and the ones they didn’t. Also they announce the next Five…

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Episode #61 — The Gold Rush

The Gold Rush podcast review

It’s time to go way way back and way way west as the guys start their Charlie Chaplin Five with The Gold Rush. Their introduction to the Tramp is when he is joining so many others in risking their lives in hope to find gold in them hills. The guys look into what separates The Tramp in his search for riches, the way Chaplin plays with sadness in its romance and that pesky bear.

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Episode #64 — The Gold Rush / Back at the Chicken Shack / Jamun / (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66 / We’re Going on a Bear Hunt / The Phil Silvers Show

The Gold Rush podcast review

Quiet! The Immortals are back and they’re trying to be as silent as they can. They’re up in Alaska during The Gold Rush and they don’t want there to be an avalanche. Along the way, they also went back to the chicken shack to find some jamun, which was a weird choice. Then Pedro said we have to get our kicks on Route 66, which is not at all how you get to Alaska. It wasn’t until Adam suggested going on a bear hunt did we get close to our destination. The whole thing was almost as farcical as The Phil Silvers Show. Anywho, they review stuff this week!

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