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Episode #45 — Faces / Heartattack and Vine / Razor Clams / Blank Generation / Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats / The X-Files

Faces podcast review

The Immortals are on to something. Nope, still not the ominous messages from Intern, not the government conspiracy to cover up aliens, and not even Sarah’s thing about people stopping her from eating the food. It’s that the people in Faces may not be having a good time. It’s worth looking into. They discuss this plus Tom Wait’s voice, the voice of Richard Hell, we’ll listen to the voice of T.S. Eliot and…the truth that is out there. Get excited.

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Episode # 43 — The King of Comedy / Blue Lines / Cubeb Pepper / Ale Brider / Because of Winn-Dixie / Outrageous Fortune

The King of Comedy podcast review

The Immortals are all back in their proper homes so they’re all ready to watch the Jerry Langford Show. They heard The King of Comedy is making an appearance tonight. While they wait for that to start, they’re going to listen to some Massive Attack, spice up some rice, turn on some traditional music, freak out about how cute this dog is and get wrapped up in New Zealand. Just another day for The Immortals.

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Episode #39 — Whatever Happened to Baby Jane / Peter Gabriel / Goodbye Yellow Brick Road / The Nutcracker and Other Tales / LA Law

Whatever Happened to baby Jane podcast review

The Immortals are back and they really are questioning living together. Things have gotten…tense. In similar news, they all watched Whatever Happened to Baby Jane! They also listened to the sweet (and weird) tunes of Peter Gabriel, they don’t eat Australian fish, they learn who actually is Elton John, they go to war against rats, and Austin learns that LA Law is so freakin’ insane. Get excited!

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Episode #38 — RoboCop / Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness / Pine Nut / Cannonball / The Path / Merlin

RoboCop podcast review

The Immortals are back and this time they’re in Detroit. There are a lot of criminals with big guns, but luckily RoboCop is on our side. That means we’re safe to talk about The Smashing Pumpkins, pine nuts, a pop song, a Spanish coming-of-age novel and a light BBC Arthurian show. But maybe we need RoboCop to save us from the scary reveal of Pedro’s hobby…

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Episode #35 — Big / Music for the Jilted Generation / Chimichurri / French Disko / We Couldn’t Leave Dinah / Being Human (U.K.)

Big podcast review

The Immortals are back and they just wish to be big. In a complete coincidence, they’re reviewing the Tom Hanks comedy Big this week! Also Leigh delves back into EDM, Sarah finds an excuse to buy empanadas, Pedro talks about departing bubbles, Adam admires a Pony Club and Austin talks about paranormal roommates. All this and more tangents about numbers and facts!

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Episode #32 — Metropolis / Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music / Lucuma / La Mer / Maisy Goes to Playschool / Hancock’s Half Hour

Metropolis podcast review

The Immortals are still without Sarah! She is still on her heroic quest to Georgia while the rest of the Immortals go to the industrial land of Metropolis for their second silent venture. They also determine whether Ray Charles is deaf or blind, whether La Mer is only good because of Bobby Darin, whether Maisy learned anything useful at playschool and whether or not Tony Hancock is even funny. Get excited for this plus excruciating heat!

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Episode #31 — Red River / McCartney / Arracacha / Deep River – Mountain High / Caps for Sale / The Magician

Red River podcast review

The Immortals are back except for the Immortal who isn’t! Sarah is still traveling the world to save Adam, so while she’s gone it’s only appropriate we talk about another epic journey with the cattle drive in Red River. They also discuss Paul McCartney’s solo album, Tina Turner’s power song, the absurdity of monkeys stealing caps and the further absurdity of a magician solving crimes. Also Pedro creates a fantastic new theory about every Bond movie. Get excited!

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Episode #27 — The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover / Alien Lanes / Wild Green Hazelnuts / Connection / King Arthur… / Wallander

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover podcast review

The Immortals return to have a disgusting meal with four colorful people. They also listen to the imperfect sounds of lo-fi which is apparently supposed to sound like that. They also eat ripened freshly picked hazelnuts, listen to the memorable sounds of Connection, tell the tales of King Arthur and be intimidated when Wallander punches a desk. Also Adam sounds unfortunately far away! Is that foreshadowing for something? Find out on another exciting episode of The Immortals!

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Episode #25 — Tristana / The Message / Another Girl, Another Planet / Autumn Term / Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

Tristana podcast review

The Immortals return to a goofy episode. Much like Tristana likes to choose between two pathways, is this the best episode or the worst episode of The Immortals? Either way, Pedro reviews most of this show from the bathtub, Sarah refuses to kill a chicken, Leigh sings The Message once a year, Adam has to go back to school and Austin tries to review the unreviewable. It’s a hell of a show!

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