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Episode #13 — Black Swan / Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not / Membrillo / Across the Nightingale Floor / My People / Gotham

Black Swan podcast review

The Immortals return with many passionate emotions. Who listened to the Arctic Monkeys for five hours, just on the day of recording? Who had the dumbest comparison to this fancy food? What causes Pedro to make the argument “It’s not made to be good!” What story did the Immortals connect with more: Japanese assassins or New York ballerinas? Also they discuss without any facts, the economy of the music video of “My People”. Get excited.

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Episode #12 — Bigger Than Life / Bad Company / Munster / Black Night / Jumanji / Verstehen Sie Spass?

Bigger Than Life

The Immortals return and they have never been more divisive! It’s almost as if certain Immortals took an experimental drug with Bigger Than Life and now they’re disagreeing with Austin too much. They also mix-up with some bad company, non-stinky cheese, purple depth and some German pranksters. But remember, once you start the episode you must finish it.

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Episode #11 — Ashes and Diamonds / Grievous Angel / Gruyere / Famous Blue Raincoat / Anancy Spiderman / Cheers

Ashes and Diamonds podcast review
The Immortals look for a place where everyone knows their name. Whether that is wartime Poland or a bar in Boston called Cheers. Either way, they’re going to drink. They also eat the most definitive cheese imaginable, earn their Bro statuses, uncover the mystery of a musical letter and try to figure out if “cosmic rock” is even a thing. Also Pedro gives out his first iTunes review compliment. Get excited!

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Episode #10 — Klute / Hearts and Bones / Ostrich / Cars / A Hundred Million Francs / Dalziel and Pascoe

Klute podcast review

The Immortals return for their 10th episode and they celebrate with their first ever bonus review. What important thing does Adam think deserves to be on one of these 1001 lists? Also Pedro can’t remember anybody’s name for the whole one song he had to review, Austin thought ostrich meat would have feathers, Leigh gets angry at a song and Sarah seems to already be running low on henge facts. Get excited!

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Episode #9 — On the Town / Fragile / Ratte Potato / Twenty-Four Caprices / The Biggest Bear / Zatoichi Monogatari

On the Town podcast review

The Immortals embrace the New Year by not even recognizing it is one! Instead they review a rather silly musical called On the Town, learn about prog rock, determine just how big this bear is, encounter a blind samurai, hear a master at work and eat a potato that looks like a penis. Also something happens that changes the podcast forever. Get excited!

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Episode #8 — The Man Who Fell to Earth / Opus Dei / Coppa Piacentina / Prometheus / Conrad: The Factory-Made Boy / 24

The Man Who Fell to Earth podcast review

The Immortals return after a week off! They discuss important topics like who is sexier: David Bowie in The Man Who Fell to Earth or Jack Bauer in 24? Adam abandons all of his morals for the sake of the podcast! They compare two non-sci-fi things to sci-fi movies! They discover who likes crazy German industrial music and which Immortals think that Immortal is crazy! All of this and more

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Episode #7 — The Birth of a Nation / Tragic Songs of Life / Black Currant / Ballades / Make Way for Ducklings / The Lone Ranger

The Birth of a Nation podcast reivew

On the release of a brand new Star Wars film, The Immortals curse the old gods for making them review a three-hour racist silent film, The Birth of a Nation. Will things become more awkward as they listen to early bluegrass that sings about murder and they discuss Tonto’s subject/verb difficulties? The Immortals also learn about the difference between jam and jelly and polyphony. Also they make way for some motherf’in ducklings! Get excited!

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