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Episode #98 — Wings of Desire / Teenager of the Year / Cassareep / Enter Sandman / Eclipse of the Crescent Moon / Forbrydelsen (The Killing)

Wings of Desire podcast review

There are angels among us! THERE ARE ANGELS AMONG US! Sorry, I’ve been catching up with Night Vale. The Immortals are just reviewing the beautiful film Wings of Desire where an angel wishes to be human. They also listen to Frank Black, Metallica, and watch the Danish version of The Killing. (Yes, Borgen was mentioned.)

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Stanley Kubrick Wrap-Up

Stanley Kubrick podcast review

When the Kubrick Five was announced, Austin had doubts on the subject. Did he learn anything over these five weeks? Find out as Eric and him also look into what really defines a Kubrick film and they look into the rest of his canon. Also the next Five is announced!

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Episode #41 — The Killing

The Killing podcast review

Another day, another Five. Another Five, another dollar. Another dollar, another race. Another race, another con. That’s right, Austin and Eric are starting off their Stanley Kubrick Five with the noir film The Killing. Does this early film of the master director show the greatness that will come? Or will it be outshadowed by other elements in the film? Only way to find out is to listen to the episode.

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