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Episode #54 — Drugstore Cowboy / Liquid Swords / Pecan / Doll Parts / The Fellowship of the Ring / Childrens Hospital

Drugstore Cowboy podcast review

The Immortals are in grave danger after someone puts a hat on the bed! While they try to outrun their hex, they review the Gus van Sant film Drugstore Cowboy. They also delve into their first Wu Tang album, make too many nuts jokes, teach Pedro who Courtney Love is, fail to remember the poem in Lord of the Rings and get silly with a Grey’s Anatomy parody. Get excited!

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Cate Blanchett Wrap-Up

Cate Blanchett podcast review

Once again, a Five comes to an end too soon. Austin and Eric look back at the films they covered of Cate Blanchett’s canon and they talk about a number of great films of hers that they didn’t cover. Also they slag on the Hobbit again. Because they can’t help themselves. Stay tuned to see who is the subject of their next Five which will start this Friday…

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Episode #17 — The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

The Fellowship of the Ring podcast review

Austin and Eric are back to discuss a film they’ve both seen a million times. So it was only right to bring in someone who has seen it even more than them: Sarah Staudt from The Immortals! Together they look at Cate Blanchett who plays Galadriel for only a few minutes but is one of the few who steal the show. They look at how she embraced Tolkien’s writing and showed a level of regal authority that is much different than Elizabeth.

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