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#10 — Spirit of Christmas, LLC (The Santa Clause)

It’s a Christmas miracle! A man fell off your roof and died! Also Ad Absurdum is BACK. Sarah and Meredith are joined by Calli, a privacy lawyer, to answer all the big questions about The Santa Clause. Is the fine print on the card similar to iTunes user agreements? Can you treat a belief of Santa like a religious allowance? Is the North Pole illegally spying on you during the year? How much of a bummer is it to deal with child custody issues in a silly Tim Allen movie? You’ll find out all of this and more!

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Episode #36 — Toy Story

Toy Story podcast review

It’s such a peaceful podcast recording until one of the guys pushes the other out the window.¬†Austin and Eric are here to start their Pixar Five and the only place to start is with one of the most important movies in cinema history. Toy Story changed the face of animation and it did it with an incredible story to match its technical capabilities.

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