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The Previously Unviewed Previews

In January of 2016, Austin Lugar and Nick Rogers decided to take part in a contest to see who could see the least amount of movie trailers. They wrote about it on the site and even bothered to updated their journey. Twice. Now they’re returning to see what they’ve learned. Or haven’t learned. Whatever, they’re heroes for doing this. 

Movie Trailer talkback

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Nick and Austin’s Trailer Competition

A Brief and Edited Preview

of a

Longer Upcoming Attraction


 Austin Lugar:

 A month ago I went onto good ole to join the masses in giving my brief and inconsequential thoughts on the Captain America: Civil War trailer. I was positive but I mentioned that I didn’t need to see any new trailers; I’m sold on that movie. And then, you Mr. Nick Rogers, tweeted back at me that started a conversation that will change the course of the rest our year. Perhaps, our entire lives. Nick, what are we doing, why are we doing this and most importantly, why are we doing this?


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