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Best Episodes of 2017

It’s here! It may be a week late but it’s here! My favorite article of the year which seems egotistical but it’s not because the reason I like it so much is because of all the words everyone but me put. (Perfect sentence.) Enjoy this year’s breakdown of the best TV episodes of 2017 from a variety of my friends, all with a unique perspective.


American Gods — “The Secret of Spoons”
(Season One, Episode 2)

American Gods best of

By Robbie Mehling

“We’re not taking the highway. Not now. Not ever,” says Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane) as they drive from Indiana to Chicago and beyond. This summer I did my own personal road trip from Minneapolis to Southern Indiana using back country roads. First you turn left, then right, then left again as you meander past cornfields and farmhouses. It certainly takes longer but the possibility exists for some truly stunning views, more so anyway than the interstate rest stop. It’s this mentality that runs through Neil Gaiman’s original novel and is certainly present in Bryan Fuller’s adaptation. This show moves at a slow pace as the whole first season only covers the first few chapters of the book. But I think it works incredibly well as it meanders through folklore, mythology, and back road America.

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Episode #88 — Vinyl / Fear of Music / Smoked Snoek / Hotel California / The Adventures of Gian Burrasca / Twin Peaks

Vinyl podcast review

Tensions are high! Marian is off screen messing with Leigh in a way that she can’t join the rest of the group in a discussion of Andy Warhol’s weird adaptation of A Clockwork Orange in his film Vinyl. Also the gang discusses the Talking Heads, Hotel California and the enigma that is Twin Peaks. It’s a weird one! But not really. It’s just a normal review show with a bizarre use of bookends. You get it.

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