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Episode #92 — Network / Bad / Serrano Ham / 99 Luftballoons / Bridge to Terabithia / Band of Brothers

Network podcast review

The Immortals have had good line-ups but this million dollar number has to be one of the best. There is the scary and timely satire of Network, Michael Jackson’s classic, ham ham and more ham, catchy scary German tune, wonderful and sad children’s book and one of the most beloved WWII stories ever filmed. Let’s hope they didn’t fuck it up!

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Episode #44 — The Towering Inferno / Slippery When Wet / Finocchiona Salami / Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? / The Mouse and His Child / Gimme Gimme Gimme

The Towering Inferno podcast review

The Immortals are back and they’re in incredible danger! Now because of the ominous warnings from the Intern; why focus on that? It’s because the tallest building in the world is now on fire! In other news, The Immortals are reviewing The Towering Inferno. Also they rock out to Bon Jovi, eat some salami, ponder whether we really want to hurt Pedro, learn about the saga of wind-up toys and get really really mad at a TV show. Get excited!

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Episode #7 — Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Blvd podcast review

Austin and Eric get lost driving down the deserted Sunset Blvd but luckily they have time to talk about another Billy Wilder classic. Here they discuss one of his most beloved films and, unlike last week, one he actually directed. They also talk about how they each discovered Wilder, the isolation created in this world and they debate the other-worldly feel of the ending.

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Episode #1 — Sunset Blvd. / Led Zeppelin IV / Enokitake / Wonder Woman / Harold and the Purple Crayon / Der Freischutz

Sunset Blvd. podcast review

Welcome to our very first episode! This week we are reviewing the 225th entries of the 1001 Movies/TV Shows/Albums/Classical Recordings/Children’s Book/Food You Must Watch/Hear/Read/Eat Before You Die. Does everyone love the classic American film, Sunset Blvd.? Does one Immortal’s hate of mushroom continue towards the Enokitake? Will Pedro leave out any plot point of this German opera? Find out this week on The Immortals! Continue reading

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