Every week we try and find everything that we can so we can review them and end this annoying curse. But sometimes we have geographical or language barriers. If you wise listeners know a way that we can find a way to review them from Chicago or central Indiana, please leave a comment and let us know.

So far we’ve run into trouble with…..


Moleche from Episode 20
Paca from Episode 22
Volaille de Bresse from Episode 25
Arracacha from Episode 31
Lucuma from Episode 32
Coral Trout from Episode 39

Children’s Book

Stories from the Year One Thousand from Episode 37
My One-Legged Friend and Me from Episode 41

TV Show

Turkish fur Anfanger from Episode 4 (Need English subtitles!)
Lindenstrasse  from Episode 24 (Need English subtitles and more episodes)