Play us a song, we’re the Piano cast! (I hate myself for even writing that but clearly I’m not going to delete it.) Anywho, The Immortals are reviewing the 1993 Jane Campion classic, The Piano. They also dive into the sounds of Supergrass and Elliott Smith. Then they go into the tent for one of the loveliest reality shows ever made, The Great British Bake-Off. Get excited!

Intro 0:00 — 15:58

The Piano 15:58 — 47:29

In It for the Money 47:29 — 53:49

Between the Bars 53:49 — 1:02:27 

The Great British Bake-Off 1:02:27 — 1:23:37

Outro 1:23:37 — 1:26:43

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Artwork by Ray Martindale

Opening tune and clips by Adam Lord